Our Mission

To make Data Collection and Analysis as simple as possible by continuing to provide the latest digital solutions.

Benefits provided by Itesa

There are many reasons why you should consider using Itesa to carry out your Market Research, some of the key reasons are listed below.

A reliable and hassle-free service.

Experienced staff support you in creating your question list.

Provision of fully trained Itesa survey team members.

A cost-effictive service that provides value for money.

Professionally prepared reports that will:

  • Support sponsorship and funding applications.
  • Provide valuable information about your Event, Business or Customers.
  • Assist the decision-making process for future growth.

Fast, accurate, and trusted results:

  • Survey reports are provided normally within two weeks of your events conclusion.
  • Experienced data analysts to ensure you won’t miss any important trends in your data, getting the most out of your survey responses.
  • The use of a trusted, independent contractor like Itesa makes it easier to meet your reporting obligations to grant providers and sponsors.
  • Secure data storage

Our Management Team

Cindy Robinson


Cindy purchased Itesa in 2015 after spending time working in the data collection area of the business as a Supervisor, and is now responsible for the daily operation of the business. Her management skills have seen Itesa grow significantly during this period.

Alan Meddings

Marketing Support

Alan is our Marketing Support person and is responsible for marketing the services offered by Itesa to potential clients. When not marketing the business, Alan assists with survey question list development and report writing.

Debra Seamons


Debra has progressed to the role of Supervisor – Survey Teams, and is responsible for the selection of survey teams for events. Debra has a number of Site Supervisors who she coordinates to ensure that survey teams carry out all surveying activities to the highest level.

The management team at Itesa have a broad range of skills and experience in data collection and analysis and are ready to assist clients with their survey question list, data collection preparation and report presentation. Itesa staff members have worked for many Australian major events and organisations in almost every state. The knowledge and experience gained is being passed on to many new clients to assist them in growing their own events.

survey staff

Survey Team Members

Itesa has fully trained survey team members available to conduct surveys as requested. Team members can quickly gather data from visitors, helping to limit any inconvenience to your visitors and to get the most of your survey. Many of our survey team members have been working for Itesa for over four years and have gained extensive experience during this period. They are fully aware of the requirements to achieve results for our clients whilst making the experience great for visitors when completing the survey.

Levels of Service

Itesa provides 3 different service levels to meet client budget and event size requirements. Level 3 is the most popular service level for most clients, especially if the client is considering using the report to support funding and sponsorship applications.

Level 1

Itesa will provide the required number of iPads to the client so you can conduct the survey using you own survey tea. iPads will be freighted to the client and returned to Itesa after the completion of the survey. ITESA will upload the data from the iPads, analyse the data and prepare the final report.

Level 2

Itesa will provide the required number of iPads and s Supervisor to coordinate the client survey team. Our Supervisor will remain on site during the survey period to oversee the conduct of the survey and provide any assistance. ITESA staff will upload the data and prepare the final report. ITESA has on several occasions used a combination of both our survey team and volunteers provided by the client to carry out the survey.

Level 3

Itesa will provide all services, iPads and staff to undertake the survey, analyse the data and prepare the final report. Most of our clients choose service level 3, as it places all responsibility on Itesa to achieve the projected result.

Question Lists

Our trained staff work with our clients to produce the survey question list to ensure that relevant data is collected. The question list is then loaded on the required number of iPads. A touch screen multi choice single response question is preferred, as it helps to speed up the time required to complete the survey. Other questions such as multi-choice multi-response, text and matrix are also available. As a guide the survey is conducted face-face by the survey team members for the required hours each day. Bad weather, type of event and the location of the event can all play a part in the overall result.

Number of questions

It is not advisable to have too many questions as it may result in visitors not completing the survey during the face-face surveys. The unique Itesa systems allows for questions to not be asked if the respondent has answered a previous question in a certain way.

Survey collection

Approximately 5% of the anticipated attendance numbers at the end of an event is regarded and as an acceptable sample size. A survey list of say 15-20 questions would see 12-15 completed surveys taken per hour by each of our survey team members. Where our clients provide volunteers to conduct the survey it is advisable to have some additional volunteers to assist in getting the required number of completed surveys to achieve a representative sample size.

Survey branding

The survey question list can also be branded with the event logo. If you choose to run the survey online then the branding will also appear on the survey. The logo will also appear on the Report document.

Data Collection Options

Itesa provides clients with several data collection options. Below is a review of our collection options and equipment.

Normally used at events and festivals, it is located inside a small tent. Six people can complete the same survey, only one staff member is required to operate the booth. The iPad stands are secured to the table for security purposes.

Itesa provides a crowd counting service for non-ticketed events such as street parades, running events and road cycling events.

A survey team member, dressed in a high visibility vest with the word “SURVEY” on the back and the Itesa logo on the front; will complete a face-face survey with a visitor of the event.

iPad’s mounted on stands are available for data collection from businesses such as Café’s, Restaurants, Hair Dressers, Pharmacies Hotels, Tourism and many other indoor facilities.

Should clients choose Service Level 1, the iPad’s are freighted to the client in Kit form as shown, and returned after the event. The kit of 15 iPad’s weighs 25kg and has wheels and a handle for ease of movement. iPad’s are fitted with GumDrop safety covers to reduce any damage to the iPad’s.


The iPad charger kit contains the required number of cables, cleaning gear and the charger which will charge all 16 of the iPad’s at the same time.

If you are interested in learning more about our survey options, please contact us! Our friendly staff are always happy to help with your enquiries!


At Itesa we pride ourselves on our fast report turnaround time, allowing you to view your survey results as soon as possible. Most reports are delivered within 2 weeks, gone are the days when you had to wait several weeks after the event to get the results. There is a requirement for the question list to be different in some areas depending on your preferred report type.

Reports are available in the following forms:

Standard Report

The standard report is generated after all survey responses have been collected and loaded into our computer system. This report is available to clients seeking results as to the acceptance of the event, demographics and the like.

Estimated Economic Impact Report

The EEI Report is generated when event managers require an estimation of the economic impact generated by their event. This is a more detailed report which also includes much of the data collected in the standard report.



If you have any enquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to call the number below or send us a message. Our friendly staff will do their best to get you the information you want, as soon as possible!


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